a brief history

divine intervention, or dumb luck


Timing is everything.  Sometimes for the best, sometimes not. Sometimes the two merge.  Like a mirage,  I stumbled into what looked like an old airplane hanger, during a violent snowstorm the end of 2016.  A roaring wood stove, a stocked bar, a recording studio, magical friends, and a magical piano.  The kind of place that makes you wonder if writing and recording is more being an archeologist than an artist.  You are just the ones discovering what already is there.  Once a week we’d get together.  We’d make dinner over the wood stove, drink our weight in beer, talk about, and make music.  Every two sessions we found another song.  56 sessions, 4 seasons.  All of a sudden, the seasons came to an end.  Los Angeles is calling.  Adventure is calling.  Time to put a ribbon on last year, and see what comes of this one. 



Live at the Bar Lubitsch


Live at the Kulak Woodshed


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